Best Pool Filter Reviews 2020

Are you looking for the Best Pool Filter? There are various methods of cleaning a pool. There is a vacuum cleaner available which sucks in all the debris, and then there is the pool sand filter which traps all the sand particles present in the pool. Also, there is the water filter which helps to clean the water and so on.

The list of equipment available to clean a pool is lengthy. In this article, you will read about the different filters that can be used and also the various functions and specifications of different types of pool filters. These are pool filters that offer you an efficient filtration system and very little maintenance practice.

Here is a list of some of the best pool filters available in the market.

Comparison Chart Of Top Rated Pool Filters 2020

  • Hayward S244T
  • Durable corrosion proof materials
  • dependable all weather
  • rapid winterizing or servicing
  • Hayward EC40AC
  • removing particles as small as
  • Unique bump mechanism
  • Clean pools fast
  • Hayward S180T
  • High-performance top-mount sand filter
  • 7-position vari-flo valve provides
  • 360-degree rotation

Top 3 Best Selling Pool Filter Reviews

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Hayward S244T ProSeries 24″ In- Ground Sand Pool Filter:

Hayward Pro Series sand filter is specially made for in-ground swimming pools. This Hayward pool filter offers you hassle-free and efficient filtration. The tank is constructed of weather-proof material. It is hard, color-fast polymeric material and has been topped with patented 6-position multi-port valve.

The characteristic of this valve is its easy-to-use action of the lever. The water distribution on every inch square of sand is guaranteed by an essential top diffuser, 360 degrees slotted laterals, and also self-cleaning underdrain.

Methodical backwashing allows crystal-clear water. The advanced technology of full-flow of water lessens the energy cost by attaining brilliant filtration so that you do not have to run your filter for a long time. The filter comprises the tank, sight glass, 7-way multi-port valve, and also the pressure gauge. The 7-way Valve ports comprise Filter, Winter, Waste, Backwash, Closed, Recirculation, and Rinse.

Since it employs a sand-based filtration system, it offers very simple and minimal maintenance. Besides, it gives you a longer period between backwashes. Typically it’s about 2 months separation from the time of one backwash to the next one. Better still the actual backwash process takes only 5minutes. Very convenient indeed!

Also, it’s very simple to install. And once erected it features a very stable base, thus making it very difficult for the tank to topple. Moreover, its weight of 47lbs further reinforces its stability.


  • This inground pool sand filter is made up of durable corrosion-resistant material for all-weather performances.
  • It has huge pressure sand and water drain for quick winterizing or servicing.
  • The side-mount sculpts are accessible with the 6-position VariFlo or the 2-position slide valve.
  • The dimensions of this filter are about 44×24×24 inches.
  • The weight of this filter is about 47 pounds.


  • It has superior quality water flow and also goes for more than two months between back washes.
  • Backwashing takes less than five minutes.
  • Easy installation although it requires a little bit of plumbing work.
  • Sparkling clean pool is guaranteed.
  • This particular pool filter can be used for any type of pool, be it round or rectangular or anything else.
  • The technology used in this pool filter is the latest and can be upgraded also.


Hayward EC40AC Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E. Pool Filter:

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Are you looking for an efficient pool filter that requires absolutely no backwashing? Then have a look at the HAYWARD EC40AC. Unlike the other pool pumps that require frequent backwashing, this equipment employs the unique bump mechanism. Accordingly the D.E. filter tubes self-clean without your intervention.

This particular filter body is the best suitable for the top-rated vacuums for pool and planned to use along with Hayward Perflex extended-cycle D.E. filter models I_PFPPTS, EC40AC, EC40C90 Series. It weighs around 13.7 pounds. Perflex filters are matched with their series to guarantee a system that takes full advantage of the filtration ability.

These filtration systems are designed in an advanced manner to operate with the least resistance, thus creating more amount of filtered water with fewer horsepower. Quality, dependability, value, sparkling clear water, and durability are the trademarks of the Perflex system.

Since it employs the Perflex-extended D.E. filters this engine offers high efficiency. During the filtration, it eliminates dirt as fine as 2 microns. Furthermore, it offers extended cleaning cycles. Hence, it results in the sparkling clean pool water. With an overall weight of 13.7lbs, the filter is very easy to transport for example to the store.

If after 2 seasons or so you wish to clean the fingers, then removing the top cover is very simple to access the internal fingers. All you have to do is unscrew two long bolts and nuts.


  • It is said to clean pools faster and also removes dirt particles as small as two microns in the first run itself.
  • The patented Flex-Tube design provides a longer sequence between every cleaning cycle as the same D.E. filter powder is used every time.
  • A unique bump mechanism is used which allows the DE flex tubes to instantaneously and evenly clean dirt by themselves.


  • This is the best above ground pool filter to buy. It is completely worth the money paid.
  • It works best in all kinds of pools. It can also clean all the algae present in the pool and make the water crystal clear. This filter is very useful and easy to use as well.
  • When you see the accumulation of dirt in the filter, just bump it to knock off the dirt from the filter head.
  • No backwashing is required.
  • Installation of this Hayward D.E. pool filter is easy and is comfortable to work with.
  • This pool filter weighs only about 13 pounds and hence it can be easily carried around.
  • It has the least resistance and the best working mechanism.


Hayward S180T Pro Series 18-Inch Top-Mount Pool Sand Filter:

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The Pro Series high-rate sand filters have the most recent pool filter technology to make sure that your pool is functioning at its best. It is molded with long-lasting, corrosion-resistant thermoplastic, thus improving its lifespan.

For a pool filter that offers simple backwashing design, the HAYWARD S180T is hard to beat. At the same time, the Pro series uses fine silica sands. Typically it uses the sand of 0.45 and 0.55mm to give fine filtration system thus leaving your pool water super clear.

They are attractive to look at and the unitized tank construction remains the same for years with trouble-free operation and minimal care. Pro Series is known to provide a whole new standard of performance, worth, and dependability. The Pro Series sand systems are constructed and capable of offering an ideal combination of energy, competence, and excellent water clarity.

Even with a lower pressure drop, this HAYWARD S180T won’t disappoint you. That’s because its Vari-Flo valve features 7 different positions. Thus you are able to adjust to ensure the maximum flow of water. Furthermore, the system employs a superior-top diffuser. As a result, it spreads out water on the whole sand bed for fast, even, and efficient filtration process.


  • This filter is best for above-ground pools as it has a high-performance ability. They can also be used in small in-ground pools and aquariums.
  • The tank of this filter is corrosion-proof and is molded with color-fast material for durability. The 7-position vari-flo valve offers a maximum flow rate even at a lower pressure drop.
  • The large pressure sand and water drain for fast servicing or winterizing help to speed up the cleaning process. This filter can be used in all weather conditions.
  • The flange clamp design of the filter permits the rotation of 360-degree for trouble-free installation.
  • The integral top diffuser guarantees smooth distribution of water on the complete sand bed for the utmost usage of filtration area.


  • The installation process of this above ground pool sand filter is easy and fast.
  • This filter has a large capacity and perfectly cleans all the sand from the bottom of the pool.
  • This filter does not get clogged no matter what quantity of water you filter.
  • The backwashing process of this filter is very simple.
  • It provides an equal distribution of water in the filter so that the water is completely cleaned and filtered.
  • Even the smallest of the dirt particles are also removed so that you get crystal clear water in your pool.
  • Since the tank of the filter is corrosion-resistant, you do not have to worry about the type of water entering the filter.

When it comes selecting the best pool filters, the three listed ones above, happen to be best of the lot in the market. Make sure to comply with all specifications and details before you make your purchase.


Choosing The Best Pool Filters On The Market

Selecting the best filter for your swimming pool is not easy at all. But before you buy a filter for your pool, it is better to know each and every detail of your swimming pool. Here are a few steps which will help you to select the good pool filter.

  • First of all, know the capacity of your pool. As known to all, pools are there in various shapes and sizes. But in general, there are commonly two types of pools, i.e. rectangular and round. The measurement of a rectangular pool is very simple. Just multiply the length with width. And if it is a round pool, then you will have to use the formula of a circle. Measuring the surface area of your pool is good, but if you recently purchased your pool, then the measurements will be provided upon purchase.
  • The next step is to find out the flow rate that your filter should have. Flow rate is nothing but the amount of water your filter can transport in one minute. The flow rate can vary from one pool to another. It is always better to buy a filter that is a little oversized than your pool, so as to make sure there is maximum efficiency. Remember, all filters comprise of both minimum and maximum flow rate within which the pump will fall. Thus, very less or too high a flow of water can damage the filter and it may stop functioning. Always get the filter that can accommodate the total amount of water from your pool.
  • Find out the turnover rate of your pool. That is, find out the total time required for the water in the pool to completely cycle through the filter. The least turnover rate is the one that turns the entire pool water once in 12 hours. If a pool has a turnover rate of about 8 to 10 hours, then is fine because that is the classic sizing rate for pools these days.
  • The filter size of a correct filter always depends on the pool size. To maintain good clarity of the water you should pump the water every day so that entire pool water is cycled. Almost all filters will have a design rate of about a gallon per minute.
  • Consider the total water resistance that can affect the turnover rate of your pool water. The faster the water moves from the pump, more the resistance you will experience. Thus, select a filter that will turn over your pool water in almost 10 hours.
  • Make sure you have properly calculated the volume of the pool in gallons and resolved a practical turnover rate for the water which will be cycled. Then you can make use of the following equation to calculate the filter size:
  • Divide pool capacity in gallons by the desired turnover rate in hours. The answer obtained will give minimum flow required in gallons per hour. Now, divide this by 60 and you will get the answer in gallons per minute (G.P.M).
  • Now, get a pump that will fulfill the obtained G.P.M.