Best Pool Pump Reviews 2020

Are you in search for the Best Pool Pump? Think about the times when you become very tired after the day’s work and all you need are a pool of water to dive into for the relaxation of your mind and body. However, have you ever thought about the fact how the pool gets filled with clean water every time? A pool pump is a secret behind it. Not many people know about the pool pumps, and they just think that the swimming pool is a big space on the ground filled with water. They neglect the importance of this expensive machinery which makes up the pool, which is why it is rightly called the heart of the pool. Among the numerous options available in the market, there are certain brands which have gained a lot of popularity among its owners due to its long lasting performance over the years. The feedbacks on some of the best ones are given below.

Best Pool Pumps with Ultimate Comparison Chart

  • Hayward SP2610X15
  • The industry's workhorse
  • easier strainer cover removal
  • oversized debris basket
  • Hayward SP1580X15
  • high-performance pump
  • 100-percent drip proof
  • extra-large debris basket
  • Pentair 011013
  • save up to 40-percent of the energy
  • Protect from overheating, freezing
  • automatically detect drain blockage
  • Hayward SP1593
  • industrial-size strainer basket
  • press button convert horizontal to vertical
  • easy winterization
  • Pentair 011017
  • 4 variable speeds
  • save up to 90-percent of the energy costs
  • control voltage irregularities

Top 5 Swimming Pool Pumps Reviews


Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5-HP Max-Rated Single-Speed Pool Pump:

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Hayward pool pumps are the considered to be the pioneers in the industry, having an experience of designing this product for 80 years now. This product is a perfect example of the best pool pump which cost effective as well as durable at the same time. Its corrosion resistant body and unique features have made it the number one choice of the users. Providing world class service this hayward pool pump is specially designed to be used as in ground pumps for your household pools and spas.

This pump comes along with a transparent cover which acts like the strainer and a spacious basket for the collection of debris from the water. Its unique design makes it easy to be maintained and one can vouch for its dependable and efficient operation. Some of its features are listed below:

  • One should not interpret it to be a less powerful pump because of the less sound it makes. It comes with a heavy duty motor attached to it which enhances the performance of the pump.
  • Its design makes it easy to be operated even by a layman. It comes with knobs attached to it for easy removal of covers. As no clamps or screws are attached to this anyone can service it without creating a hassle.
  • Its base is designed in such a way that it provides stability to the pump wherever it is installed and thus, makes it even more versatile than any other ordinary pump.
  • This pump is made to be heat resistant and come with a ceramic seal which prevents it from dripping.

These unique features prove to be the plus points for the selling rate of this motor as no other motor provides all of these features.



Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above Ground Pool Pump with Cord:

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Another product by the pioneers in the pump industry, this one proves to be more powerful than all its previous versions. This hayward inground pool pump offers a power packed performance of 1.5 horsepower and is suitable for both in the ground as well above ground pools. All the limitations of the previous versions are corrected in this version of the pump. It offers a larger basket for dust collection so that you don’t need to perform the cleaning frequently. Like previous products, this also comes with a see through cover which allows you to have a check on the time at which you need the water again.

This motor is completely drip-free as it comes with a double ceramic seal protection. Being corrosion free, it is easy to maintain and service this pump. The most striking feature about this pump is that is comes with an automatic break system which cuts off the supply of current to the motor in case of a thermal overload. When the current becomes stable again the motor gets restarted on its own. Having a motor which does not require any extra lubrication, it needs to be stored in a ventilated room and should be protected against adverse weather conditions.

Some of the advantages of buying this pool pump are listed below:

  • Easy to be maintained because of its drip free feature.
  • Highly powerful pump which proves to be very efficient.
  • Makes less amount of noise without having to compromise on the performance of the pump.
  • Maintenance and servicing of the pump can be done in jiffy because of its easy design structure.

Thus, if you want a high performance pump for in ground or above ground pools, this pump is the best option available in the market due to its striking features.



Pentair 011013 IntelliFlo VS 3050 High-Performance Pool Pump:

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Another top name in the world of best pool pumps this brand is no less than any other brand in the market. This brand makes new innovative pumps which use the latest technologies making the lives of the owner much simpler. The Intelliflo pool pump is one such example of their technological innovation.

Some of the pros of this pump are given below:

  • This pentair pool pumps works so silently than even your neighbors would not understand that your pump is actually running.
  • This energy efficient pump is designed in such a way that it saves a lot of your energy consumption which is around 40 percent of the total energy utilized. However, it should not be mistaken to a less powerful pump.
  • Being fully computerized, this modern day pumps detects common cause of pump operation failure like excessive heating, freezing, voltage fluctuations and other priming related problems. The in-built detection features diagnoses the problem immediately and solves it so that it does not affect the life of the pump.
  • Being fully automatic, it is designed in a way that it is compatible with other pool control systems like Easy Touch and Sun Touch which makes it easy to be operated.
  • One more problem which this commercial pool pump has solved is one such problem which is faced by all the pool pump owners, the problem of blockage. This pump is technologically smarter and has the capability to detect blockage due to the debris and shuts the pump off immediately, signaling the user to clear the blockage.
  • This pentair intelliflo pool pump suits the every kind of needs of the customer. Therefore, it comes with four different speeds, the lowest being for spas and other water features like fountains and sprays. This different speed option makes it more energy efficient by consuming less amount of power. The speed of the pump can be easily increased or decreased with push button provided at the corner.


Hayward SP1593 Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground 1.5-HP Pump with Cord:

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Another variant from the Hayward company, this power packed pump is especially for above ground pool and is backed by a high performance motor to increase its efficiency. This pump offers a unique option of changing the orientation at a single click of a button. This hayward 1.5 hp pool pump is considered to be one of the most reliable pumps by all its customers due to its styling and large profile.

Like all other pumps this one also comes with a strainer for the collection of debris to prevent clogging of debris and thereby, affecting the performance of the pump. It also has other features like automatic shut down feature in case of a thermal trip. Some of its features which make it the best pump for swimming pools are listed below:

  • This hayward swimming pool pumps are embedded with high power and supreme quality Noryl impeller, which offers a wider opening to prevent the clogging of minute granules or leaves.
  • The C-Clip Connector provided in this pump design make the cleaning of strainer very simple and can be easily done in seconds.
  • It also has an internal plug which enables the winterization process and makes it very easy to be performed.
  • Reviews from customer portray that the water pumped by this pool pump is absolutely spotless clean and this process does not even take much time. It is done in eight to ten hours.
  • It also offers the advantage of having a fast connect and disconnect option thereby further speeding up the entire process.

Thus, this pool pump proves to be yet another masterpiece by the Hayward Manufacturers. Some people also see this pool pump as a replacement of an older variant of pump with better features and lesser price. This pump is versatile enough to replace any other pool pump. All you need to do is match your specifications with that of this pump.



Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS High Performance Pool Pump with Safety Vacuum Release System:

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These pool pumps from Pentair makes a sound as low as the whisper of a human. The software embedded into it intelligently calculates the minimum amount of water needed to be pumped and thus, optimizes the performance making it more energy efficient. The four different speed options which are the signature feature of the Pentair brand make it usable for any kind of water application be it for fountains, for pools or for spas. This automatic pool pump is easily adjustable with just the click of a button making it easy to install and use. Like in all Pentair products, the in-built diagnostic feature detects minor issues of overheating and priming and provides quick solutions to them as well.

The technology used in the pump enables it to change the flow rate as the speed of the pump is changed making it utilize less amount of power. The main area of concern for most pump owners is the operation cost. This pump best suits the needs of the owners in this respect. Being fitted with magnetic motor along with digital intelligence, this pump has been successful in reducing the power consumption by around ninety percent.

The price at which it is available for in the market makes it the first choice of the customers worldwide.

All of the above-mentioned pumps are some of the best in the lot when it comes to performance, durability and also the price factor. A careful assessment of your pool and the specifications offered by a pool pump can help you best in picking the right product.


Choosing The Best Pool Pump On The Market

Being an essential device for the water circulation in the swimming pool, there are many options available in the market from which one can choose the best pool pump that suits their needs. However, instead of taking a word of mouth from the local pool shop owner, one should understand his needs and preferences before making any choice; otherwise, it would a very daunting task for the pool owner. This guide will help you choose the pool pump based on your requirements.

The most common mistake which people make while purchasing a pool pump is influenced by the notion of the bigger the better. Not only does it increase the operating cost of the pump, but it also puts pressure on the filtering system of the pump. Going by general rule, all the water entering the pool should get filtered in a span of maximum eight hours. However, a pump that is bigger than the one that is required, overpowers the filtering system, which can further affect the performance and life of the pump.

Before looking for a good pool pump, one must calculate the amount of clean water which is to be pumped into the pool. This amount also heavily depends on the shape of the pool you have. Although this requires a few calculations to be performed, however, once you get this done, getting a right pump for your pool would no longer remain a challenging task. The gallons of water to be pumped into the pool determine the flow rate of the pump. This rate determines the amount of time taken to pump clean water into the pool. If the water in the pool becomes stagnant its adverse effects would be increased in the pH level of the water and outbreak of algae in the pool. Therefore, a maximum time limit of eight hours is allotted for pumping the clean water. This rate is measured in gallons per hour. However, the pumps available in the market have their specifications in gallons per minute. Thus, it is a wise decision to convert into gallons per hour before making the best choice.

The most common gimmick applied by pump sellers nowadays is that they offer a free upgrade of the pump after one year of usage. However, one must not fall prey to these marketing strategies as most of the pumps designed nowadays are focusing on its selling capacity rather than its performance. For more reviews about pool vacuum cleaner, you can check our another post for pool vacuum.

The location of the pool is also an important factor for determining the right pool pump. The distance from the suction pipe of the pump and the pool should also be calculated which is generally referred to as the foot of head. The size of the filter in the pump should also be noticed carefully because if the size of the filter is small than your pump size, it would put extra pressure on the pump. Once you have all these specifications, you can easily match them with the specifications provided by the local pump maintenance shop and choose the best Pool Vacuum.