Common Myths about Swimming Pool 

In this article, we will talk about the myths of swimming pools, do you want to know them? Then, stay connected and keep reading to get the answers to these interesting myths.

Chlorine will turn my blonde hair green

It’s not the chlorine in the pool water that turns your hair green, but the copper. Copper is introduced into your pool from a “mineral system” or certain copper-based algicides.

Wait an hour after eating to go swimming to prevent cramps

This is the myth that lasts the longest and that still makes many of us doubt. But it is completely false. A sudden change in body temperature is inadvisable. So, you should enter the water little by little.

Pee in the Pool turns Blue

No system proves this myth. It is an urban legend whose purpose is to prevent this unhygienic practice from taking place, especially in public swimming pools. It is a pure lie.

Chlorine kills germs

Indeed, chlorine eliminates germs. That is the reason it’s utilized in pools. The issue is, it sets aside some time to perform the action. Some bacterias can endure even in the correctly treated water for a considerable length of time.

Red eyes mean too much chlorine

Red eyes and irritated skin are brought about by chloramines or potentially ill-advised pH levels in the pool. You need more chlorine to take out chloramines and sterilize the water.

No need to shower before getting in the pool 

As we’ve just observed, chloramines are brought about by the contaminants swimmers bring into pools, for example, sweat and pee. So, it is advisable to step under the shower for a moment to wash away that might have developed on your body.

New Pool Myths

There’s no chlorine in a saltwater pool

Completely lie. Saltwater pools produce chlorine by the utilization of equal titanium plates in an electrical procedure known as electrolysis. There’s the same amount of chlorine in a saltwater pool as it consists of some other kind. The main distinction is how the chlorine gets into it.

Clearwater is clean water 

Probably not. Clearwater refers that there is no visible scum developing in the water. The clearness of the water doesn’t disclose to you anything about the microorganisms in the water, some of which might be destructive.

The smell of chemicals means clean water 

At the point when there is a presence of a solid smell of chemicals around the pool, you’re more likely to smell the chloramines (a chemical formed by the sweat and piss of other swimmers). That implies the water is not perfect. Perfect pool water has almost no smell to it.

You can’t get sick from pool water 

It’s not true. Various germs and bacteria’s can remain and live for expanded time in pools that need more chlorine or the correct pH balance. So indeed, you can become ill from pool water

After reading this article related to the myths of the swimming pool, you can enjoy your time in the swimming pool with proper knowledge and precautions. 

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