Pools are an essential part of a luxurious home. Most people who are designing homes these days are opting for a pool – indoor or outdoor. These pools are pretty easy to build but not so easy to maintain. The water of the pool needs to be cleaned every other day. It is recommended to clean the bottom surface of the pool at lease every week. But this can be a very time-consuming process. Along with that it is quite strenuous and tedious as well. But now with the help of an automatic pool cleaner, you can be sure that you can make the process of cleaning pools quite easy and relaxing. You will even save a lot of time.

There are many automatic pool cleaners to choose from. Among them,Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of the best options as per technology and parts durability. It is a very effective fully automatic pool cleaner. Using this pool cleaner will help you keep the pool clean and swanky. It even features a 60 feet long swivel cable that help you deal with deep pools.

Features of the Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • It helps you to scrub, vacuum and filter the pool surface with just one machine.
  • It is very well designed making it very easy to install and use. It can be set up easily with the help of the instructions provided in the kit.
  • It has 60 feet long swivel tube. It does not get tangles at all.
  • It even comes with a one year warranty. Unlike other devices, it comes with a one year warranty for the spare parts as well.
  • It is designed to have 3 hour long cycles.
  • It is very light at just 18.75 lbs.


This product has become popular because of many benefits it offers to the users. Some of its wonderful benefits have been listed down below:

  • It is quite compact, making it easy to be moved around. It is not too big or heavy. It is quite easy to handle as well.
  • It is very easy to install and assemble. Even if you are using it for the first time then also you will not have much problem in assembling and using it.
  • It has special wheel deflectors that can help to scrub and clean the pool surface. This helps you to get into the corners and onto the steps. You can easily move it around.
  • It has a specially designed hose to keep clean different types of particles.
  • It even uses an intelligent system to scan for dirt particles.
  • It is a very good product to have around if you have a pool in your house. It will help you to clean your pool easily without even spending too much time on it. It makes a very tedious job quite easy and quick. Since it is completely automatic, you do not need to spend any manual energy on it.