A Simple Guide to Storing Chemicals for Swimming Pool

Despite the fact that safety issues usually concern anti-slip surfaces, special fences or coatings for your swimming pool, we should not forget about the chemicals for the pool in this regard. And in particular – about the hygienic and safe storage of these chemicals. It is important to comply with all the necessary rules, not only to maintain their effectiveness from being added to water but also to ensure the safety of you and your family or employees that have a pool Cleaners. A special place should be allocated for chemicals meeting the requirements of the “climate” and ideally keeping out of the reach of children and animals. 

Chemical Handling Rules 

  1. Store the preparations in the tightly closed original packaging, in a completely dry and well-ventilated area out of the reach of children.
  2. Storage of various chemicals in close proximity to each other is not allowed.
  3. Different chemicals should never be mixed.
  4. When working with chemicals, especially concentrated cleaning solutions, wear protective clothing, rubber gloves, a rubber apron, and safety glasses.
  5. Avoid contact with skin and clothing. If reagent gets on the skin, wash it off with plenty of liquid and, if necessary, call a doctor.
  6. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and call a doctor.
  7. Avoid inhalation of vapors (drugs cause respiratory irritation), otherwise, immediately go into the fresh air.
  8. If you accidentally take the chemical inside, call a doctor right away.
  9. Do not throw dry solid chlorine preparations (tablets, granules) directly into the film pools, this may lead to discoloration of the PVC film.
  10. Avoid leakage of concentrated chemical solutions into soil or water bodies.
  11. Wake up solid preparations thoroughly with a dry brush.
  12. Spill liquid preparation to soak in the sand or other loose material, then collect with a brush; dilute small amounts of the drug with water and rinse.
  13. For preliminary dissolution of preparations, use only special containers.
  14. Do not add water to the concentrated chemical; always add chemicals to the water.

Storage of Pool Chemicals 

Pool chemicals will even start self-reacting after some months if they are put away excessively long as they come with some specific expiry. Everything has some shelf life, pool chemicals also do. You must check the expiration details on the product while purchasing it to avoid further destructive outcomes. Pool chemicals are likewise responsive to the water. Humidity or Moistness in the climate also works like water. 


So, if you kept the chemicals without tightly closing the container’s cap then with time it will start reacting with the humidity in the air, which will spread unwanted gases or smoke in the air which is even dangerous to smell. So, you always have to check twice whether you have tightly closed the container correctly or not. Store all pool synthetic compounds in a cool, dry, dull condition disconnected from direct daylight.


All chemicals must be stored in their original containers with all the brands of the manufacturer on them. Remember that all manufacturers post specific packaging instructions and expiration dates on packaging materials. You must read and follow these instructions for each individual product accordingly to reduce the likelihood of any incidents with chemicals for the pool. When the risk of chemical damage, possible illness, or damage is minimized, everyone including the pool owner can focus on physical relaxation. 

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