How Swimming Pools Affect Our Lives

wimming pools have a tremendous ability to affect our lives. Owning a sparkling, well-maintained swimming pool in your backyard provides a wonderful outlet for recreation, exercise, entertainment, and relaxation. What could be more fun for a child than inviting over a group of friends for an exciting pool party? Or for adults to sit around a refreshing pool sipping margaritas and laughing? A Splashing around in the water, relaxing on a raft, or shooting water guns at the other kids is really a highlight of childhood.

Pools can help us create so many happy memories for our families. The pool is truly a great place to congregate with friends and families for special occasions or just to cool off and relax. Access to a pool can also save your life. During the recent wildfires that destroyed many homes in California, owning a swimming pool literally was a lifesaver and a ready source of water to extinguish fires. Some families jumped into their backyard swimming pool until the danger of the spreading wildfires had passed. Firefighters were able to use the water in the swimming pools to save homes. Natural disasters such as the recent wildfires demonstrate that owning a swimming pool is a wise investment.

Once you have decided to invest in a swimming pool to enrich the life of your family, you are now committed to maintaining this valuable asset. In the past, your choices were hiring a pool service company or spending hours each week maintaining the water quality and cleanliness of the pool. The drudgery involved in pool cleaning can be considered the biggest downside to pool ownership. If you slack off even for a few days, leaves and debris can cover the pool, the alkalinity can change as algae grow in the water and on the sides, and color may change from an inviting blue to a murky yellow, green, or even brown. A dirty pool may breed mosquitoes and end up being a health hazard. You may end up scrubbing the sides of the pool to remove the overgrowth of algae, and cleaning out the clogged filters. What if there were a way to end this drudgery without resorting to expensive pool cleaning companies?

Today there are excellent solutions to drastically reduce the time necessary to clean your swimming pool that are both economical and effective. Robotic pool cleaners are truly a dream come true for today’s busy pool owner. The cost of using a robotic pool cleaner is just a fraction of the cost of using a pool cleaning service, yet the time the owner will need to actively engage in pool cleaning duties is drastically reduced. Let’s discuss some of these robotic pool cleaners and see how they can help a family maintain their valuable swimming pool with much less effort and worry.

One highly rated robotic pool cleaner is the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner. The beauty of this compact unit is that it incorporates a pressure line system with a pool pump. It is capable of cleaning the sides of your swimming pool and collecting the debris in a filter. The one year warranty will give you peace of mind that it will continue to function as it was designed to do, saving you hours of drudgery and fatigue. The 896584000013 2X Suction Pool Cleaner is another automated pool cleaner that uses suction to keep the floor, sides, and corners of your swimming pool free of debris and grime.

It comes with a suction line and skimmer. The streamlined design of this 4 wheel suction cleaner along with the multiple settings lends itself to ease of use and versatility. The Pentair Kreepy and Krauly Lil Shark Ground and Vacuum Pool Cleaner is an economical unit that is particularly effective for above ground swimming pools. Its dual brand bristle scrubs along with 5 adjustable cleaning paths make this pool vacuum an excellent and cost-effective choice that will save you hours of time.

The Hayward Automatic 2025ADC POOL VAC XL Cleaner utilizes a turbine technology to effectively clean both the surface of the pool along with the sides, corners and bottoms of the pool. This unit comes pre-installed with the incredible aqua pilot technology which allows it to steer through a variety of patterns on the floor of the pool with highly effective yet quiet cleaning results.

With so many versatile and cost-effective automated pool cleaners available on the market, it only makes sense to do your research and select a product that fits your budget. Selecting the right unit will allow you to maintain your valuable swimming pool in a pristine state, with excellent water quality, hygiene, and water visibility. You will spend less time engaged with the intensive labor of pool maintenance, and more time enjoying it. Go to and read the reliable pool vacuum reviews of the excellent automated pool cleaners available on their site. Then select a unit with favorable reviews for your pool type.

You may purchase one of the versatile units directly on their website. My pool vacuum  is a community-oriented company that supports scholarships for college students. When you make a purchase on their website, you are helping to support these scholarships. Scholarships such as this one enable youth to graduate college, find meaningful work, and hopefully, one day become homeowners and pool owners. The cycle of giving is maintained through these student scholarships.

I can say from personal experience that having a family swimming pool greatly enriched my childhood. I always had a great place to invite friends to splash around and cool off. When I was younger, I observed my father spending endless hours cleaning the pool. When I became a teenager, the job slowly shifted to me.

With the advent of automated and robotic pool cleaners, the pros of owning a swimming pool increased, and the negatives greatly decreased. The cost to benefit ratio of maintaining a family swimming pool improved greatly. Instead of having to perform the intensive scrubbing and cleaning of the pool myself, now I can oversee the robotic pool cleaner and come back when the work is done. Automated pool cleaners make owning a swimming pool and much more viable option for a busy student or career-oriented adult. By keeping the pool consistently clean and well maintained, the automated pool cleaners make owning a pool more fun and more likely for a family to take advantage of the recreational opportunities afforded by pool ownership.

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