How to Make a Handheld Pool Cleaner

Handheld swimming pool cleaners

For an enjoyable experience in summer, a swimming pool can serve at its best to let you have a relaxing time amidst the blues. But at the same time having a pool in your house requires you to take care of the cleaning responsibilities as well. It is important to keep your swimming pool clear of sediment and debris. Because you are likely to spend quality time in the swimming pool during the warm days of the year, you should do this beforehand. You can do this easily with a handheld pool cleaner.

That said, making one on your own is nothing shorter than a challenge. You need to know the right steps in order to make it the right way. Wondering how to go about it? The steps given below will guide you through.

Step 1:

As the first step, you need to get all the materials required for making a handheld vacuum handy. The essentials you need to make it include plastic tugging, plastic funnel, hot glue gun, knee-height pantyhose and a rubber band. You wouldn’t need to run here and there for these items as you can find them at a store in your local market.

Required supplies

Ensure that you choose materials of the highest quality. The type of material you choose will have a direct bearing on the vacuum cleaner which you would end up with. The plastic tubing should not be less than an inch in diameter. Now that you have all the requisite materials handy, proceed to the next step.

Step 2:

At first use the hot glue gun to fit the funnel, and plastic tubing together. You will need to apply sufficient glue to the point of connection. Keeping in mind the importance of proper adhesion between the two, do not rush things up. Take your time.

Apply adequate glue to both the interior and exterior parts of the tubing where the ends of both the items connect with one another. The idea should be to prepare a seal which does not allow water to leak away easily.

Step 3:

Use the pantyhose to close the opening of the funnel. Secure the pantyhose by fixing it to the funnel with a rubber band. You might wonder why you need to perform this step. If you take a look at the funnel after completing this step you would get the answer to this question. It is necessary to perform this step to prepare a filter. Your handheld pool vacuum is ready.

Put the suction filter into the pool water and press the end with the funnel. The power of the suction filter will pull the funnel and make for a filter. The filter helps you to collect the dirt, and separate it from the pool water. You can use the other end of the vacuum to pull the debris. With the filter sucking up the dust particles and sediments, the pool water also cleans up and becomes fit for use.

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