What is the importance of pool cleaner in today’s era?

It is May. The winter frost has recoiled back into clouds, and the sun pulses warmth across the yard of plush green grass. Children forfeit their remote controls to swimsuits and pool noodles. The lawn chairs wait patiently in the corner, waiting to stretch their panels and absorb the splashes of chlorinated water falling on their plastic skin. Mothers strip sunscreen from the shelves of market stores, and fathers pump the air into pool floats of all sizes and shapes. But most notably of all, the pool resting comfortably in the middle of the yard sparkles like a flashy grin, waiting for the kids to leap into the crystal blue waters and let the summer adventures begin.

That is the vision of summer anyways, in its most untainted form. However, the unfortunate few who assumed the pool cover would “do the job” or neglected to visit the pool vacuum cleaner store before last summer ended will be appalled to find their once-beautiful pool in poor form. Debris and dirt will congregate along the bottom of the pool, bacteria will spread like wildfire among each drop of water, and the pool will rest ashamed in a questionable green sheen. Therefore, it is crucial that pool cleaners are implemented into homes in order to eliminate wastes and maintain the integrity of the pool itself.

Eliminate bacteria from the pool

With the number of pools within the United States reaching over 10 million in households alone, pool cleaners work to eliminate a variety of wastes that families swimming within the pool may be exposed to if not properly removed (Taylor 2017). In fact, swimming has become one of the most popular recreational sports which amplifies the importance of keeping swimming environments clean and healthy (Taylor 2017). Specifically, bacteria can be a main cause of illness following swimming activities. This is because bacteria easily enter pools via fomites, feces, and provision of ideal living environments. If chlorine or other pool chemicals are not properly administered, bacteria can grow underneath pool covers since it prefers growth in warm, dark, most environments.


Contaminate the water

In addition, many bacterial infections within pools are caused by feces and urination from children or animals (“Crypto outbreaks linked to swimming have doubled since 2014.”). One bacteria, cryptosporidium, may not be killed by chlorine and can cause serious health consequences such as prolonged diarrhea and nausea (“Crypto outbreaks linked to swimming have doubled since 2014.”). Although exposure may not be prevented entirely, if contaminated debris were to fall into a pool, a pool cleaner could help remove as much waste as possible and decrease the amount of time a powerful bacteria may contaminate the water.

Keep the pool healthy

Furthermore, natural debris such as falling leaves and dirt can cause growth of bacteria and spread of disease. When leaves and dirt accumulate in the pool frequently and are not removed, algae and bacteria will overrun the pool. Granted, most people would not swim in algae pools and algae itself will not harm someone directly; yet again the algae can provide bacteria with food and an environment to multiply and spread (Kerr 2014). This will cause murky green waters and attract insects such as mosquitoes which are a popular reservoir of disease. Again, the general public has become more aware of these dangers over the recent years. However, even those who are conscious of their environments may be exposed in their own pools if a neighbor has become negligent with the care of a pool, since the pool may attract unwanted insects and bacteria into close proximity.

Remove waste from the pool

In the past, bacterial infections have been controlled by antibiotics. However, recent studies indicate that bacteria are become more resistant to antibiotics and chemicals (“Antibiotic Resistance Questions and Answers.” ).  This stresses the importance of pool cleaners in today’s era due to their ability to remove wastes quickly, efficiently, and consistently. Finally, loose debris in the pool can cause other ailment such as choking hazards, eye injuries, scratches, or stings from dead insects if not removed in a timely manner.

Deep cleaning

Pool cleaners can do what people simply cannot or will not do on a daily basis. The swimming pool plays an important role in your home so it must be maintained at all times to prevent bacterial growth and debris collection as previously described. However, these ailments can cause secondary issues such as pool cracks which may lead to leakage of the pool into surrounding soil. This will not only be a costly fix, but will also cause the surrounding soil to become swamp-like and create the disease-infested environment trying to be prevented. Deep cleaning, removal of algae, and replacing decaying pool tiles can also lead to unwanted expenses for the owner.

Pool cleaner for pool maintenance

In addition, majority of households have parents and owners who work all day and consider the urge to skim the pool at night passively. It has become popular for this generation to work constantly, stay at work late, and live busy lives. However, this modern lifestyle does not leave pool owners with enough time to maintain their own swimming pools. It does not take long for pools to become unclean. Therefore, running a pool cleaner constantly will provide constant attention to the pool where it is needed. Overall the pool cleaner is not only important to remove wastes and decrease bacterial growth, it is also important for pool owners in order to maintain the pool’s integrity by saving costs and time.


With the numbers of swimmers, the locations for swimming, and the hectic lifestyle of families increasing, the ability to clean a pool must also be increased. Luckily ideal vision of summer is obtainable and maintainable. The glistening blue waters and crisp splashes into a backyard pool are within grasp. As the sun wakes the grass and water from their cold slumber, a satisfying tick-tick-tick of the pool cleaner singing below the surface of the water fills the family’s ears. The sunscreen is applied in thick batches. The lawn chairs sigh as they are stretched into the sun. The children bound across the lawn and jump into the pool, noodle in hand. And the parents can smile easy knowing that their pool is clean and their family is safe with the assistance of the pool cleaner.

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