Pros and Cons of Swimming Pools and How It Affects Our Lives

Swimming isn’t just for those that are competitive athletes striving for the gold in the Olympics. Swimming is a sport for everyone that not only promotes a happier healthier lifestyle, but also a time for some to relax after a long stressful day. As there are many pros of owning pools there’s also many cons. 76% of drowning deaths alone are from children under 5 years of age. While owning a pool may be fun, with that comes a lot of responsibility. I had never before thought about the pros and cons of owning swimming pools, let alone how it affects our lives. As I did more research, I had come to be very grateful for given the opportunity to write this essay. It has challenged me in different ways that I had never expected to be challenged by.

Hopefully, in this essay, I’ll be able to convey the true effects of owning pools and all the positive and negative factors that come with it.

Pros of having pool

What’s better than having your friends over for a pool party? The initial dare for someone to jump into the pool. The brave soul that voluntarily takes that jump resulting in the biggest cannon ball you’ve ever seen. With all this being said, having pools allows us to have different social experiences and interactions that we may not have without them. Children, teens, and adults all enjoy others company while swimming and having a good time. I myself grew up with having a pool and all my friends ever wanted to do was come over and swim. Pool parties will never become outdated! I’m also a huge proponent of community pools.

Community pools definitely bring people together for safe, healthy fun! However, with that being said, there are many cons to swimming in a community pool. You don’t know the type of care that’s going into that community’s pool. Around my hometown, community centers tend not to put the best care into the maintenance of their pools. You also have to face the difficulty of not knowing who has been swimming in that pool and what they put in it. Many people may have contagious diseases that if you have certain contact with them or potential contact with their spit, urine etc. you may contract that disease. Aside from that, pools in general is a wonderful way to bring the community together. If you’re looking for a party favorite, or a way to have friends connect with others, attending to your local community pool or friend’s pool is the way to go!

Did you know swimming is one of the top ways to lose weight? More than two-thirds of Americans are now either overweight or obese. Owning a swimming pool promotes an active healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, because obesity is taking over America we need to find ways to help diminish this. When you swim you’re not only working out your arms and your legs, you’re working out your abdomen as well.

Swimming pool affects our life and it is a full body work out that’ll also exercise your heart and lungs. Statistics show that if you live an active life, your life expectancy increases by almost 10 years! If you suffer from anxiety like myself, pools can offer a relaxation therapy that allows you some time to relax and clear your mind. Swimming is known for helping those with panic attacks and helping relieve stress. Swimming is something that requires focus, so it’s a healthy distraction from what you’re going through in that moment. Having a pool has not only helped me physically, but also mentally.

Cons of having pool

Swimming pools typically aren’t typically a debatable topic on whether it’s bad or good for a person. I want to make people aware that there are also some dangers as well. Earlier I stated that 76% of drowning deaths are from children under 5 years of age! Nearly 67% of that is from children 3 and under. I feel like the main problem we have with pool owners is that they’re uneducated on not only the care for the pool but the care for others around them. There are a lot of rules and regulations that people are supposed to follow regarding child safety, but, many parents choose to avoid these rules and boundaries that are supposed to be enforced. If in fact, a person drowns in your pool from either lack of care or fencing, you could potentially be held responsible for the injuries that were caused. Cost is also another factor that people must take into an account when owning a pool. Nowadays owning and installing a pool is much more cost effective and friendly than it was back in the day.

Owning a pool also increases the resale price of your home, which if someone wanted to make a turnaround and potentially sell their home, it would look more appealing opposed to those that don’t have a pool. With that being said, some cons of that would be you may not have any compensation for what you invested in the pool and you have to make sure that’s an investment you can afford.Earlier in this essay, we touched on maintenance of swimming pools.

pool cleaning

If you’re willing to make this financial commitment you have to also make that commitment to properly clean and tend to your pool. Without cleaning it with pool cleaners, many health and safety issues may come about. People who use the pool could get ill, or algae and bacteria could begin to form. All of these subjects regarding swimming pools truly do affect our everyday lives. By making positive choices pertaining to the ownership of a swimming pool, you could potentially not only be saving yourself a trip to the doctor but others as well.

Furthermore, in this essay you’ve learned that the pros of swimming pools somewhat balance with the cons. However, I believe that all of the cons could potentially be avoidable. As long as you know the financial responsibility that comes along with owning a pool, the importance of maintenance and safety you shouldn’t have many issues. Live a happier, healthier lifestyle and go swimming! The benefits will not only make you feel better, but you’ll live a longer life as well.