Reasons To Invest In A Swimming Pool

swimming pool

You are in the process of designing your dream house just the way you have always imagined when you builder poses the question, “Are you interested in investing in a pool?” This is when reality hits you because you have never considered this idea up until now. Pools offer a great way to exercise for all ages and it can provide endless hours of affordable entertainment for your family and friends. Water allows us to do exercises that would otherwise be difficult to do outside of a body of water. It also causes less wear and tear on your body, especially our joints.

Think about doing ten jumping jacks on the deck of the pool versus ten jumping jacks in the pool, which one do you think would cause a greater impact on your knees? Although preserving the optimal functioning of your body’s joints is an extremely meaningful reason to exercise in water, there are other great benefits to it as well. The water offers a cooling effect to the body thermo regulation center in the brain so it is less likely that you will overheat while working out; therefore, you will be able to exercise for a longer duration.

Exercise is usually painful to those that have physical restrictions such as arthritis, musculoskeletal or weight-bearing limitations; however, the swimming pool alleviates these restrictions and allows for painless physical activities by these individuals.

It will increase the value of your home. If you live in a neighborhood where all of your neighbors own a pool and you do not this will create an obstacle for you if you ever decide to sell your home. Zillow and Trulia are fantastic websites that are designed to help you sell your home. Both of these websites have filter features to help buyers find their dream home more quickly. This may pose a problem for those without a pool because if the buyer wants a pool and uses the filter option they may never even see your house. In areas of the world with a warmer climate such as Florida or Arizona having a pool is almost a necessity.

A pool can be viewed as your backyard entertainment piece. It can aid in bonding between friends and family. It serves as the perfect affordable venue for barbeques and pool parties year round, as some even come with a heater for those that like to swim during the colder months. Some parents use their pools to help educate their children in a fun interactive way by throwing shapes in the pool and asking the child to bring them the circle, triangle etc.

Some may argue that having a pool increases the risk for child drowning but I believe that it decreases the risk because if the child is ever placed in a difficult situation involving water they will more than likely know how to swim. I have never met a child that grew up with a pool in their backyard that can’t swim. I would also have to point out the fact that many things may cause harm to our children such as stoves and bathtubs. We still elect to have those appliances but we just pledge to supervise our children adequately. With that being said, I do believe there is a con to owning a pool but the con is nothing that we can’t or haven’t overcome.

Pools do require maintenance to keep them running optimally. Companies that sell pools and or pool equipment realize this hurdle and try to help us jump through it to the best of their abilities by offering a wide range of equipment to decrease the amount of time and manpower it takes to clean our pools.

A good pool filter is vital to maintaining quality pool water. Think of the pool filter like you would your kidneys. Would you want your body to go without a kidney? If it did and you only had one, do you think waste would be filtered from your body as effectively? Pool filters reduce the incidences of algae and disinfect removing other contaminants.

The water pH and chlorine levels are very important. They have many types of automatic pool cleaners for those of us that are too busy to spend too much time on pool maintenance. They have suction side cleaners, a pressure side, and robotic pool cleaners. Yes! Robotic pool cleaners! It has it own filtration system that can be programmed with a remote control, so those in the pool industry understand our pain and have created things to help accommodate us. Their products illustrate both their understanding of the importance of healthy swimming and that they value your time as a pool owner.

The option is ultimately yours! One thing that I always like to remember is that everything worth having will not come easy but the pool industry has made it as easy as it is going to get to own a pool while still remaining as healthy as can be. The option is ours! Are we going to make an excuse on why we don’t want a pool or are we going to make a way to get our dream pool installed into our dream home? You and I both know the answer to that question so needless to say you should tell the builder, “Yes! You will be investing in your home by adding a pool to your backyard.” You will be glad you made the choice and so will your family and friends. In fact, you can have your housewarming party in your very own backyard.

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