What is the role of swimming pool in the colleges?


Coming from a developing country where going for swimming or taking swimming lessons were a part of an expensive and luxurious lifestyle, due to which not being able to take swimming lessons and not knowing how to swim even as an adult, I feel like swimming pools are one of the important facilities in colleges or schools and plays an important role in an individual’s life and in the society as a whole because it simply effects our life.

Swimming is a fun activity but apart from that, it also has physical, social and psychological benefits to it. Some of the health benefits that swimming provides are, it improves flexibility and strength, it builds up endurance, it increases muscular flexibility, it helps in muscular balance, it helps the heart muscle become stronger, it improves the physique, increases blood circulation, rehabilitates muscles and improves the ability to control and maintain healthy weight (Bucknell). Whether it is summer or winter, you can take advantage of the swimming pools because of the pool heater you can also swim even in the winters. With all these physical benefits, swimming is also fun, enjoyable, helps develop a positive attitude, releases stress and tension and renews energy as well.

Nowadays, the rate of obesity in children and adults are increasing day by day. Due to the fast lifestyle, people do not have enough time to cook or eat healthy and the growing fast-food chain means more options everywhere which in turn means easy access to unhealthy food and as a result weight gain and obesity. If colleges and schools have a swimming pool, then kids will have an easy and fun way of getting some physical activity which can help reduce the rate of obesity as well. Swimming is also a form of exercise which is not too hard on the body but gives a very good workout as well so, if swimming pools are available in colleges, students can not only have fun with their friends, but they can also maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

As per the My Pool Vacuum, drowning is one of the highest causes of accidental death so, if a college or school provides a swimming pool and some swimming lessons to their students, then students will have a lesser chance of drowning and they can even save lives in case of emergencies. For example, if they go swimming somewhere and if accidentally someone is drowning and there are no lifeguards present there then that student can save the drowning person’s life too.

Apart from these, I have some of my own unhappy experiences by not having a swimming pool when I was in school as well as some personal benefits from having a swimming pool in college. Since I grew up in a developing country and like I mentioned swimming was something luxurious and not so common, so I hardly got any chance to go swimming in a pool let alone learn swimming. I guess I went swimming only once or twice before I came to America. I always wanted to learn swimming, but it was not possible. I always had a fear of drowning so whenever my friends planned to go swimming I would always make excuses and not go because I was too ashamed to tell them I did not know swimming. Unlike my school, my brother (who is 7 years younger than me) had a swimming pool in his school and they had swimming classes once or twice a week and he would always tell me how fun it was and how excited he was for the next class and how healthy and good he felt after the swimming sessions. His enthusiasm towards swimming always made me realize what I was missing out on and the importance of schools or colleges having a swimming pool.

I realized the importance of having a swimming pool in college and learning swimming more when I came to America. All my friends here love going to the beach to swim. Everybody got their swimming lessons in their schools and colleges and they enjoy going to the beach to the fullest but since I do not know how to swim, I feel scared and miss out a lot during those times.

Last year I transferred to The University of New Hampshire and found out that the University provides free membership to the YMCA and they have a swimming pool there, so I have been trying to learn swimming from a friend. Since I have been overweight my entire life, going swimming has helped me a lot in reducing my weight as well. I have been able to reduce 50 pounds just by swimming for an hour a day. Well, I do not know how to swim perfectly yet, but I just play in the water and try my best to learn and it gives me a very good workout that I enjoy a lot and never miss out on.

I sometimes wonder if I got this opportunity when I was younger i.e. if my school had a swimming pool then I would have never been overweight in the first place and I would never have to deal with so much criticism from people but at the same time I feel blessed to have a swimming pool now in my college because swimming has seriously helped me so much. Swimming has also helped me with my anxiety and insomnia as well. After coming to America and leaving my family behind I started having very bad anxiety. I have also struggled with insomnia for a very long time but since I started swimming, I have noticed a huge reduction in my anxiety and my sleep has improved significantly as well.

In the era that we live in, swimming is one of the activity or sport that an individual usually learns early on in life. Nowadays, many schools and colleges have swimming pools, and this also opens the door for many opportunities for students as well. I know a friend who is a national swimming champion and has won many medals in swimming because her school provided swimming classes and encouraged her. She always tells me that if it wasn’t for her school and the swimming classes, she would never know that she was capable of winning something so big. Therefore, from my own experiences, I think that swimming pools play a very important role in colleges.

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