Swimming Pool Water Heater – Why You Need It?

Swimming Pool Water Heater

I had been working on it for weeks, a front dive. I already mastered the front crawl and the backstroke, I could even hold my breath under water from one end of the pool to the other. Diving into the water without plugging my nose was the only thing standing between me being a “shark” and graduating from swim lessons. Looking back, swim lessons were my favorite part of being a kid. I loved the water; doing handstands, searching for diving sticks, even swimming laps. I wanted to grow up and be a lifeguard, have my own pool in my backyard and swim all day long. I’ve continued to enjoy my time in the pool as I’ve grown up and have learned many things along the way! For example, I’ve debunked some very popular myths, have learned some swimming tips, and I have even learned about caring for you pool and pool equipment.

Few Swimming Tips

There are many different styles of swimming, techniques and even reason to be in the pool. Whether you’re taking swimming lessons for the first time, relaxing in the pool at your grandparents, or an athlete training or the Olympics, everyone started at the beginning. The Global Triathlon Network stands on several media platforms presenting news and tips on all things triathlon including swimming! With many experiences and interviews behind them they have a few tips for any beginning swimmer. Swim with company to ensure safety and inspire growth and have fun. Control your breathing in and out of the water and be relaxed. When going under the water, slowly breathe out your nose. Doing this while under water will help not only get water out of your nose, but relieves tension that holding your breath causes.

Myths Of Swimming Pool

There are a lot of myths behind swimming pools; you’ll get sick if you swim too soon after eating, the chlorine will make your blonde hair turn green, or will make your eyes burn if you open them underwater. Are these just silly things we grow up hearing or is there some truth to the myths after all? Saying chlorine is to blame for burning eyes and colored hair is simply not true. In fact, it is the copper sometimes added in algaecides that will ruin the bleached blonde hair. An unbalanced pH in your pool can cause the burning of your eyes which is one of the many reasons to routinely check your pool’s chemical levels. What about the myth that you can only go swimming on a tropical vacation or in the summer time? With a simple pool heater you can utilize your pool all year. As you call tell mostly all the common myths we hear about pools are untrue. Pools can even add value to your home, and aren’t as hard to maintain as you might think.

swimming pool in summers

Pool Cleaning Is Essential

Taking care of your pool is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! Simply checking your chemicals regularly and keeping your pool clean can go a long way! An easy way to make sure your pool stays clean is a pool vacuum. These robotic machines come in many shapes and sizes and can serve for multiple different purposes. MyPoolVacuum.com is a great site to pick out your robotic vacuum, with an easy to navigate website, and clear and descriptive tables comparing the different type of vacuums and their unique purposes. For example, if you are looking for a vacuum that will get you the most bang for your buck, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is for you. With a smart technology the robot is able to scan your pool to ensure every area gets clean.

How Pool Cleaners Helps In Cleaning

The active scrubbing brush on the bottom of the machine also makes itself known by being able to spin twice as fast as other vacuums on the market, picking up mass amounts of dirt in only minutes. Or maybe price isn’t a concern of yours and you are looking for the best of the best, then the Aquabot Elite Pool Cleaner may be more up your alley. This robotic vacuum comes from a family known for their constant innovations. It is full of useful technology such as the adaptive surface traction to be able to properly clean all surfaces your pool may have. The overall look is smart and sleek as well as it being lightweight, perfect for transferring to and from the pool. Finally, the Aquabot Elite comes with a three year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction with the product. (“Top 10 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners”, 2019).

Pool Heaters – A Necessity

The last thing that I have come to learn about is how amazing a pool heater can be! I talked earlier on how people have the idea that swimming pools need summer weather in order to be used, not true! Just like with pool vacuums, the MyPoolVacuum website is an excellent source of finding what pool heater best suits you! Again, there are many different types of pool heaters using different methods such as wood, electric, propane or solar powered heaters. It’s almost an overwhelming amount of options but with the simple chart available on the website you can easily compare the highest rated heaters to find the perfect one for you! One of the leading pool heaters in the industry is the Hayward H400FDN Pool Heater.


pool heater

It is a natural gas heater that uses significantly less energy without compromising efficiency. This heater proves it’s excellence by being able to increase pool temperatures up to 30 degrees in an 800 gallon pool in less than an hour! With a machine like this, you will get more use out of your pool throughout all the months, without breaking the bank in electricity bills, talk about a win-win! (“Best Pool Heater Reviews 2019”, 2019).

Wrap Up!

We went over many points and facts about pools today but I’m hoping something stuck with you! Whether you’re picking out the pool you want in your backyard, or simply taking the family to your public pool. There is no doubt that with the water will come laughter, joy and memories. Now with some simple swimming tips to share you can take a deeper breath and relax when the kids head for the pool. The next time you hear someone say they can’t swim because they don’t want green hair you can set them straight, no excuses here anymore! Lastly if you do have your own personal pool you now know where to go to find the equipment made just for your needs. You are officially prepared for the perfect pool day with friends, family or even yourself. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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