The Journey Of Jelly Fish – My Pool Vacuum

Todd and Henry were inseparable. They met during a shipwreck. Hundreds of fish were being released from the grip of the nets that often took fish captive to the unknown land. No one ever came back from the unknown land. Todd saw that Henry had gotten tangled in the vicious net and swooped into action to save him. Jellyfish live by a code. No jellyfish falls victim to the nets of doom. Since then, the friends have never left the jelly of one another.

One summer night a storm devastated the coastline. The ocean leaped onto the forbidden land. The ocean was relentless, throwing Todd and Henry as if they were being disowned by the sea itself. When the ocean finally calmed down, Todd and Henry were not disappointed at all. In fact, the ocean had sent them to paradise. The surfaces were smooth. The water had a beautiful design that Todd and Henry had not noticed before. It was absolutely perfect. Once arriving, they dozed off for a calm nap. Suddenly, a siren went off. Todd and Henry swooped up only to find a monster staring at them. The monster was enormous and… dry. It wasn’t long before the monster recruited even more monsters. Todd and Henry swooped to the depth of paradise, quickly realizing just how small paradise is. The monsters were relentless.

Suddenly, silence filled the water and the monsters were gone. Todd and Henry swooped upward to investigate but found nothing. Then it occurred to them. There was nothing; not even anything to eat. Paradise quickly lost its ambiance. Todd and Henry immediately began searching for help. But they were the only ones around. Todd carefully searched all depths of the water only to come up with empty tentacles again. The friends decided to jelly storm. As they tried to come up with a plan, they began contemplating why the sea would be angry with them and send them to such a horrid place. After much contemplation with no real understanding, Todd and Henry decide that they must find their way back to the ocean and prove their innocence.

Objective number one: find a way out of this deceiving place. Todd and Henry began exploring their surroundings once again. The friends came to the realization that they would have to get out of this pretend paradise on their own. Henry spotted an empty water bottle. He recognized it because he once saw one while hanging out near a dock. Henry feared what may happen but knew it was the only option. Henry stiffened his tentacles and reached them as far as he possibly could. He sent his tentacles into the unknown land in an attempt to get the empty bottle. He reached as far as he could but could not grab hold of the bottle. Suddenly, the bottle came crashing into the water all on its own. It was as if something pushed it. Henry was ecstatic. Meanwhile, Todd was confused. Henry knew it was a longshot, but they had no other options. He wasted no time. Henry jumped into the bottle and urged Todd to follow his lead. Todd hesitated but eventually squeezed inside the bottle too. On the count of three… one, two, three… they jumped out of the pretend paradise and began rolling.

Objective number two: find the ocean. The two friends navigated down the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the sea. All of a sudden, a loud roar startled Todd and Henry and they fell into a dark hole. The hole was narrow and deep. Todd and Henry kept rolling until they felt a sudden burst of water. The friends had been knocked out of the bottle and into the depths of the ocean. Todd and Henry could not be more pleased to smell and feel the ocean. However, their mission was not over.

Objective number three: prove their innocence. Todd and Henry had been falsely disowned. Upon returning to the ocean, the friends asked around in an attempt to find someone to plead their case with. They learned that Snappy the crab was responsible for disowning all unfit sea life. They traveled up to Dark Root where Snappy resided. Todd and Henry were exhausted. Upon their arrival, the two friends requested to speak with Snappy. Todd and Henry explain what happened. Snappy replies, “That was a hurricane that sent you away you crazy jellyfish. Not me!”. Finally safe, Todd and Henry hunker down near the depths of the ocean to avoid being ejected ever again.

After the storm had passed, the monsters who owned the pretend paradise, also known as the Smith family, returned home. The backyard was a complete mess and the pool was full of trash, but there was no sign of Todd and Henry. They removed all of the trash and cleaned the pool. The family was able to continue enjoying the pool with the piece of mind despite the visitors. Pool cleaners gave the family an opportunity to rejuvenate their pool once again.

The reality is that pools can be an amazing tool for exercise and family bonding, but they must be cleaned. Pools are subject to many different environmental factors and germs. A storm is an example of an environmental factor that can introduce many unwanted and potentially dangerous germs. Debris and animal visitors can accompany a storm. Todd and Henry left no obvious evidence but likely left behind germs. Pool cleaner is essential to maintaining a healthy environment in which people can work out or simply sit back and relax.

My pool vacuum says, college students are often bombarded with many stressors. Financial factors and the competitive nature of GPA’s are just some of the stressors that may affect one’s ability to focus. The relaxing nature of a swimming pool is beneficial in the midst of the stress that many college students experience. It acts as a means of stress relief. Swimming pools can be expensive to maintain, but provide a sense of tranquility that we all desperately need.

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