It is the need for today to have state of the art technology meeting luxury to create sophisticated every product for daily use. We want the best tech for our households and also for the outside. When people think of owning a nice dream house, they always think of having a pool to go with it. While in dreams it is lovely, it is a huge pain to maintain in reality.

Washing pools is a daunting task and can become quite a hassle for pool owners. Pools need to maintain a certain standard and to have that consistency is hard. This is a major consideration that many people rightly have before investing in a pool for their home. However, with the 896584000013 2X  one of the best suction vacuum cleaner, you can rest assured that that all of these worries that you may have about maintenance can be put at bay.

What is 896584000013 2X Suction PoolCleaner?

Manually cleaning products are a relic of the past so keep away from it and move to automatic alternatives. Why bother choosing an outdated way to clean and keep your swimming pool?

The 896584000013 2X Suction PoolCleaner is an automatic machine and is an absolute necessity for all houses with a pool. It is a beautiful, unique machine that has really high performance and is surprisingly easy to use. It is specifically designed to maintain the floor of the pool efficiently. Within a very short span of time, you are able to clean from the nadir point of the pool and ensure that it is completely dust and grime free.


  • It is a very simple and elegant machine that has many settings to allow you to clean the dirt and grime from the pool’s water and also from the swimming pool floor.
  • It is really easy to use for everything from a short to a long to a medium sized pool. You don’t need any other implement for the different sizes.
  • It comes with a dedicated suction line and skimmer which plays a key role in cleaning up all the grime very quickly.
  • It is professionally designed with the four-wheel suction cleaner. What it does is it cleans from the sides of the swimming pool. Most of the products available in the market often avoid the necessary sides of the pool and the edges, but this one beats all of them. This can clean even corners efficiently.
  • The best thing, however, is how light it is. It is so sleek and light that this streamlined design makes it a fast cleaner as well. The pre-installed settings of the device make it a really easy device to use as well, and you can rest assured that your pool is in good hands.


Simply put, the 896584000013 2X Suction Pool Cleaner can put all your worries to rest. Just buy it once and all your pool maintenance troubles can be easily put to rest. With high-quality components and materials of the highest quality, the product is a force to be reckoned with.