Top 5 Pool Cleaners For This Halloween Year

Only a pool owner can understand the difficulty and associated responsibilities of owning a pool. It feels incredible to dive down the blues on a hot and sunny day but have you ever thought how much it takes to clean a pool? It can really be time-consuming leaving you in a tired state. Automatic cleaners are a boon for all such people who own a pool but feel to retire as soon as the pool cleaning task takes a forefront. So here we are coming with the top 5 pool cleaners that you can buy this year to get your pools clean as ever.

Dolphin Premier – Halloween Offer




This dolphin cleaner is one of the highly recommended robotic pool cleaners that you can own for having a clean and refreshing pool. This vacuum cleaner incorporates the multimedia filtration technique and facilitates high-quality cleaning with enhanced efficiency. These cleaners are helpful in saving your time, power and energy that you may consume while cleaning your pools. It comes with a user manual that you can use to get acquainted with the features and functionality of the this cleaning tool of the swimming pool.

Hayward Tiger Shark 





Haywards cleaner is a fully automated cleaner that can take charge of your pool cleaning chores. With the Halloween season soon approaching and poolside parties taking its swing, clean pools are something that everyone desires. For a quick sweep of your pools, you can always make these Hayward tiger sharks your best friends to get a pool that is party ready. You can take it upstairs, downstairs to any place you want and it comes with a foot chord of 55 foot that enables you to drive it at long distances for cleaning your pools. You can consider it to be a programmed robot which serves as a helping hand in your pool cleaning errands and comes with an easy to clean filter that makes your cleaning tasks much easy.

Aquabot Turbo Cleaner





This vacuum cleaner is again something that you would love to have at your home to ease down your cleaning chores. It has a deep cleaning power and can also handle the smudges and stain marks on your pool walls and floors. It comes with a sixty feet long chord which makes it easy for you to move it in near your pool vicinity.

Pentair Model Cleaners




Pentair is an apt cleaner to clean your swimming pools. Not only does it let you have a clean and spick and span pool but it also doesn’t leave any stray marks that a pool vacuum cleaner may leave behind. It is capable of picking up small and mid-sized dirt and debris and get your pool free of unwanted particles and trash. Also one of the major advantages of having a Pentair cleaner is that it can even clean up the algae that most of the cleaners of pool cannot do. It is a robust swimming pool vacuum cleaner and does not demand high maintenance and replacement of wheels over a short time period.

Polaris Sports cleaner




If you have a pool with tight corners, then Polaris sport cleaners can serve you at its best. The rear water propelling system that these Polaris cleaners possess is a boon to clean all those corners where normal vacuum cleaners of pool cannot reach. The suction power of this pool cleaner can help in collecting the bigger size debris and get your pool free from trash.

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